John and Pia Wellingham share their design and build experience with the Hulena Architects, Madison Park Homes collaboration.

Working with the Madison Park Homes team was fundamental to our confidence to proceed and access to their architect Brent Hulena for a concept design was a bonus. We had already put together an extensive brief for our dream home and we re-used this for the architect’s brief, but requested a different theme – this being a barn like structure referencing the rural location.

Our next challenge was translating the architect’s concept design to an affordable “group home build” process. Madison Park Homes, with their depth of experience, were instrumental in helping us achieve this. Trust and tolerance between the build team and client is vital during the design and build process. The build shell is essentially predetermined in the concept design phase. However, how it translates to the building structure, costs and other major details requires ongoing discussion between the two parties of builder and client.

We were listened to, given balanced advice and every effort was made to offer solutions that were matched or close to our expectations. Our tastes are a little boutique, and in several situations we could make personal arrangements with other suppliers of fixtures and fittings, and Madison Park Homes were able to incorporate these into their work programme.

The outcome is more beautiful, functional and solid than we anticipated and our home is a joy to live in. We would definitely recommend Madison Park Homes. We found them to be totally trustworthy, reliable and honest. Their communication with us was faultless. They were tolerant of our questioning over issues we didn’t understand, and flexible in allowing us to manage certain aspects of the build. They have supported us into, through and beyond the build process of three homes. 5/5 for all three projects.


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