Building a new home isn’t easy. It can be a challenge, it can be stressful, so why do we do it and how can you make it fun?

Because you can and it makes good financial sense

Building a new home is within your reach and affordable with a variety of price ranges and personalized options to fit your budget. Building a new home is often more cost-effective than buying an existing house, it’s easier to fund and often banks will lend up to 95% (conditions apply). Historically your home valuation once complete will often be higher than the originally contracted building cost.

For your health and your family’s well being

Modern homes have double glazing and full insulation. The use of green building materials and technologies ensure you and your family live in a safe and healthy home. No more mouldy walls and damp environments, new homes offer stable indoor climates all year round.

You’ll make significant energy savings

New homes are designed to be less expensive to run, with new energy-efficient windows and doors, better insulation technology, energy efficient new appliances and with modern heating and cooling systems, your energy savings add up and save you money on utility bills. Many older homes in New Zealand are often not insulated and have poorly fitting windows and doors, the modern building code is far more robust and ensures your home is cheaper to run and easier to heat providing you with a pleasant and cost effective living environment.

You can entertain in style with indoor outdoor flow

Are you tired of spending time cooking in the kitchen while your guests gather in separate rooms? Many of our new home plans feature open-concept layouts that allow for easy conversation when entertaining. Everyone gathers in the kitchen at a party, so why not have a big kitchen where everyone can fit and socialise together? The New Zealand summer is long and warm and lends itself to outdoor living, all of our new home designs cater for excellent indoor-outdoor flow, some with large covered alfresco areas, outdoor fireplace and large stacker doors seamlessly joining the indoor to the outdoors.

No more fix-it projects every weekend

Get rid of the endless to-do list. Let’s face it, who really wants to work on household fix-it projects every weekend? You work hard all week so you can have fun on the weekend! A new home is exactly that, NEW. Everything is new, so no need to have a running to-do list of things to fix around the house. You can just relax and enjoy your new home with family and friends. At Madison Park Homes all of our new builds are covered by a 12-month maintenance programme and a further 10 years Master Build Guarantee so you can relax knowing your home is taken care of.

Quality you can trust

Madison Park Homes are local professionals you can trust. We work with you through the entire process to make sure you are happy and satisfied with your new home. You are able to watch your home being built from the foundation up, you can monitor progress every step of the way and your Construction Manager will ensure that each stage of your home build journey will be photographed and stored for you to view through our client project management portal. Local products, local builders, local knowledge all add up to a home you won’t want to leave.

A sound investment 

When renovating a used home, you need to pay cash or take out a home improvement loan at a higher interest rate. New homes usually have a higher resale value and are easier to finance.

Peace of mind

A Madison Park Home comes with solid home warranties and a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee to ensure your home’s performance for years to come. No need to worry about expensive repairs or replacements and out-of-date, damaged or worn materials.

You deserve it

You only live once, so you should love where you live. From choosing the size of your walk-in wardrobe to the colour of your kitchen countertops, to the finishes in your luxurious master en suite, a new home reflects your personality and lifestyle. It says “you” around every turn which makes it comfortable to live in for a very long time.

There’s never been a better time to build your own home

Start your dream home adventure today with Madison Park Homes. It’s never ordinary! What are you waiting for?